Welcome to my website! If you’re here then my guess is you’re looking to earn a living from home. Take a look around and let me know if you have questions. I’ll share with you the journey I’m on to make that dream come true.


I am married and have three dogs that I refer to as my pups…regardless of their age. I am retired from my career in purchasing, so I get to spend time with my fur babies. I loved what I did, but it was wearing me out. The long hours and frustrations were more than I wanted to deal with.

I’m blessed enough to draw a retirement check, but it’s still not enough to pay all the bills and have enough to do all the extra things I want to do…like go on trips. I had a part-time job, but got laid off. Rather than look for another job (Just Over Broke) working for someone else, being at their mercy for a paycheck, fighting traffic every day, and doing what they want when they want I started looking for something I could do to make good money from home.

Something else that has driven me towards working from home is my health, Fortunately, my health is rather good for my age, but I do have a heart condition and did have some issues and a serious procedure earlier this year. What I’ve learned is that getting more rest by being home is helping with my overall health.

I’ve looked at several avenues for making money at home, but blogging is what kept coming to mind. I’ve actually felt that God has been leading me to this point for some time, so I figured…why not? And my research has led me to affiliate marketing.


I am seeing the world through new eyes now. I see people trudging through life like I used to and I want better for them…and you too. I want to see others succeed like me. I want to see you take hold of your life and have the chance to slow down and enjoy your life, family, and health.


What you’ll find here information that I would recommend to a friend. It is my goal that you’ll find the information you’re looking for and have the confidence to try affiliate marketing for yourself.

Please feel free to leave questions or comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of How to Make Good Money at Home