How to Earn Extra Money at Home – Online Opportunities

How to earn extra money at home

So, you’re looking to make some cash. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom (or dad), a college student, not making enough at your 9 – 5. You know what JOB stands for, right? Just Over Broke…

Whatever the reason, you’re looking at the options…and boy are there a lot out there! Some good…some not so good. That brings us to why you’re here…to see how to earn extra money at home.

For the sake of time we’ll just look at the online opportunities. This list is by no means exhaustive. This article would be pages if I included everything, so we’ll focus on some more known opportunities.

Online Surveys – A Penny for Your Thoughts

There are many sites that offer to pay you to complete surveys. The problem here is that the saying – a penny for your thoughts – really does apply. Most companies want you to fill out a detailed profile so they can match you with the right surveys. And when I say detailed…I mean detailed. They will ask you personal questions, including your medical history.

InboxDollars also offers you videos to watch and get paid. But don’t look to this option if you’re looking to make any real amount of money. First off, many of these companies will say you don’t qualify for the survey. When you do qualify, you only get paid pennies. While InboxDollars does give you $5 for signing up and they actually pay you cash (most companies pay you in gift cards), you can’t cash out until you have a balance of $30. And then they charge a $3 transaction fee unless you wait and cash out at $40. At the rate of on average $0.25 per video, it can take some time to cash out.

Dropshipping – Does the Middle Man Benefit?

Dropshipping is where you are the middle man for people buying products. You set up an online storefront then promote products from the manufacturer or other supplier. The customer orders from you, then the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. You make a profit because you are selling the product to the customer at a higher cost then what you pay the supplier.

The beauty of this opportunity is that you don’t have to stock any inventory. The downfall is that you have to pay multiple platforms. The most popular online storefront platform is Shopify. You pay them a monthly fee for hosting your website and providing a list of suppliers. Their basic plan is $29 a month with a 14-day free trail. You do, however, have to give them your credit card number up front and cancel within the 14 days to not be charged.

Then you have the suppliers. Most offer a free plan, but there is a limit to the number of items you can promote on your website. You have to upgrade and pay a monthly fee to increase your number of products and have access to the better quality products. You have a separate plan for each supplier you want to add to your website. This adds up. A good majority of the products are also from China, so the quality is not as good. Other products are from overseas, so it takes longer for the customer to receive their order.

You can read my article on dropshipping HERE to learn about my experience and opinion.

Selling Your Own Products – eCommerce

This is a great opportunity for you creative and talented people. You sell items you create, such as home decor, imprinted clothing, soaps, candles, etc. You create your product then list them on your eCommerce website. Three of the most popular platforms are Shopify, Etsy, and eBay. Once again, you’ll pay them a fee to host your website. Shopify’s fees are the same as above. Etsy charges $0.20 listing fee, a 5% transaction fee for items sold, and 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee. Ebay charges a 10% final value fee.

The downside, besides the fees, is that you have to create and stock inventory or at least have the materials handy so you can finish a product quickly. Remember that customers don’t want to wait for a product unless it is customized. And then there’s that whole talented thing. There are many people making money at something they enjoy doing. I would love to be one of those crafty people.

A related opportunity is Selling refurbished or used items. You would buy items either online or by getting out and shopping at flea markets and/or garage sales. You then fix up the item if needed and sell it for a higher price. You can make some good money off furniture if you have the work and storage space. You’ll also need a truck for transport.

Ebay is a popular platform for selling used items, as well as Facebook Marketplace and other Facebook pages. I follow a Facebook page for people selling items in my county.

Freelance Writing and Typing Jobs – More than Pecking Away

Most writing and typing jobs are freelance, which means it’s hit or miss on jobs and their usually not consistent. You’ll need a hefty portfolio for the jobs that pay good money. There are opportunities for beginners, but they don’t pay a lot of money. With no experience you’ll have to take on the small jobs and build up before you see any real money here.

There’s also transcription, which is tedious, oftentimes boring, and pays little money also. A larger portion of these jobs are in the medical field, so a basic knowledge of medical terms is usually required.

You can see my article on typing jobs HERE.

Other Freelance Jobs – Work Your Profession Remotely

Other freelance jobs of value are accounting, bookkeeping, purchasing, project management, and other professions. Although these can be great opportunities to make good money working from home, they still require degrees and experience. You can find jobs listed on Indeed and Glassdoor. Be aware that FlexJobs charges you a monthly fee to access the job openings listed with them.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Another way to make good money if you have the degree and experience is as a virtual assistant. Duties include reading emails, typing correspondence, making travel arrangements, working on projects, etc. The title says it all…an assistant that works virtually. This can be a good gig if you have the experience and can find consistent work.

The only drawback I know of is that you’re still tied down to someone who most likely wants access to you when they’re working. This may or may not be a big deal though. So far something to consider if you like that kind of work.

Start a Blog

To blog you’ll need to set up a website and write about things that interest you. What’s better than that? What I love about blogging is that I don’t have to be an expert. You’re just telling about what you’ve experienced or found out through research. You can also do it anytime, anywhere and you’re the boss! You can read my article on how to start blogging HERE. All fine and dandy, but where does the money part come in?

Ever hear of affiliate marketing? Let me put in layman’s terms. You buy a new device of some sort – think of something that would make your life easier. A few days later you have lunch with a friend. You tell them how awesome this device is and that they need to get one. They go that afternoon and purchase the same device. While it’s nice that you shared this helpful advice with a friend, did the store or manufacturer pay you for referring your friend to buy this product? Of course not, but wouldn’t that be nice.

Well, guess what? Companies will pay you for online referrals to their products. Say what? Yes, they will give you a percentage of the sale when you put a link to that product in your blog. has the biggest platform through their Amazon Affiliate program. We all know that carries every product under the sun, so the possibilities are endless. The beauty is that affiliate programs do NOT charge you any fees. See my article on starting in affiliate marketing HERE.

Now, I do have to say that there is a lot of work in blogging and you won’t make money right away (this is not a get-rich-quick scheme). You have to establish your website with content before you gain the amount of traffic that will earn you significant money.

My Recommendation

As you can see, all of these options take work and training – or experience. My recommendation is to strongly consider blogging. As a blogger with two websites you may be surprised to find out…unless you’ve read some of my other articles…that I did not know anything about setting up a website before blogging. I didn’t need any experience or knowledge beforehand.

But…the key is that I have been receiving the proper training as I’ve built my websites and continue to learn as I add content.


You want a platform with a strong community of members that will help and encourage you. You also want a platform that will offer excellent step-by-step training and website hosting at no charge to beginners. I’m not talking about a 14-day free trial where they ask for your credit card number up front. I’m talking about a platform that allows you to get started for free and to take your time in figuring things out.

I belong to such a platform and I owe everything I know about websites, writing content, search engines, and so much more to them. You’ve been with me this long, so I ask you to take a few more minutes and read my review HERE of this platform.

My Final Thoughts

Working to make money online can be done from anywhere, anytime, so it is attractive to millions worldwide. You just have to be in the right program with the right opportunity. I think you found it today!

I would love for you to check out this platform. Just click on one of the links in my review and sign up so you can check it out for yourself. No obligation or pressure, but be ready to be welcomed by the best community you’ll ever meet. I’ll see you there!

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Thank you for hanging in here with me!

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12 thoughts on “How to Earn Extra Money at Home – Online Opportunities

  1. Karen I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on these different options. It seems that a lot of people can promote working from home and online, but your personal touch made me even more interested in your opinion of these things.
    I actually did not know what drop shipping was – I will now be going to the link you shared and reading more about that. Thanks for offering simple and straight forward explanations here.

    1. Thank you for your comments Molly. I’m glad I could help with understand some of these online opportunities. I believe in sharing experiences to better guide people in deciding their future. Again…thank you. Best of luck!

  2. There are so many ways to make money online that it can be overwhelming at times. I thought you did a pretty good job at laying out some options, like dropshipping. I’ve thought about looking into that, but I’m not sure if its for me. Affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go as you truly do work for yourself and can dictate the type of success you want. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this was a fun read!

    1. Thank you Dereck! Looking for the right online business can be overwhelming, so I hope I helped clarify some things for you. Affiliate marketing does allow you control of your future. With anything in life, what you put into it is what you get out of it. This is definitely true with AF.

  3. This is one of the rare articles that put all those seemingly good opportunities where they belong, in the trash! Surveys are too much work for peanuts. Dropshipping is too risky. Other freelancing opportunities are BS if you ask me.

    I’ve mixed blogging with affiliate marketing. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! Affiliate marketing is the one and only real way to make money online. Thanks for sharing this article. Great site. I’ll check out your recommendation!

    1. Thank you Ivan for reading and commenting. I completely agree with you…affiliate marketing and blogging are the way to go. You control your future based on the work you put into it.

  4. Hi Karen. That was such a great article to read. I have tried a few of the things listed myself but never got anywhere. I believe too that blogging is the best way to make money these days with affiliate links. A lot of other things just seem to be scams or just pay peanuts. I will check this platform out. Thanks.

    1. Yes, please do check out the platform I mentioned. It is a great way to start for free and learn the correct way to earn money in affiliate marketing as a blogger. Thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi, Karen
    Thank you so much for checking out the online situation of making money!! Some of the options you mentioned were completely new to me. But I guess I will follow your advice and look into blogging and affiliate marketing. How long does it usually take to be established and see some income? Does it help to have this community you talk about? They sound great. But I already have a website. Can I bring it into the platform you are part of?
    Thank you so much for your advice,

    1. Hi Jana! Thank you for your questions. The time it takes to make money varies by person. It depends on how much you work at it, but it does take time to work at building a website and writing content. The training really helps with this process. The community is great because experienced people are there willing to answer questions and encourage each other to push forward. I would be lost without the community at WA. And you can transfer your current website to the WA platform. There is 24/7 support available to assist with the transfer process.

  6. Having tried several of your examples in this article before, I found that dropshipping, surveys and writing can make money with a lot of effort.
    I prefer to write for myself, this makes more sense to no have to wait for someone to pay me peanuts for my work. When I write for my website, I can make money over several months and years with Affiliate Marketing.
    Do you think that Affiliate marketing is the only program that will pay you for a long time for the same amount of input?

    1. Hi John! Yes, affiliate marketing can and does pay passive income. Dropshipping, surveys, and writing offer one-time income, but with affiliate marketing I can earn money every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase. Someone can click on a link from an article I wrote a year ago and make a purchase and I will receive money from that sale. I don’t know of any other online business that offers that.

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