How to Start Blogging for Money – 4 Easy Steps

How to Start Blogging for MoneySo…you’ve been thinking about blogging…or maybe you just stumbled upon this article looking for a way to make good money from home. Either way, there is money to be made from blogging. You’re maybe not so sure? Hang in with me and keep an open mind. You’re here for a reason…to make money…and just maybe blogging is what you’ve been looking for.

Today I’ll discuss four easy steps that will show you how to start blogging for money. And at the end I’ll share the tool I’ve been using to accomplish it all.

Step 1: Build a Website

Yes, the first step is to set up a website, just as I have. Before I go any further, I am not a techie, so don’t get worried you won’t know what to do. This is actually the easiest step. I set this website up in no time.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of WordPress. It is actually a very easy platform to use. They offer different themes (layouts), so you don’t have to worry with all that. It’s basically adding your information into the preset spaces.

I’ll share with you later that there is good training available that will guide you step-by-step in setting up your website. You will even see how the website is hosted for free. Build a website

Step 2: Create Content

Content is the articles, or posts, that people read. I’ve created content, which you’re now reading. Content is just telling people about a certain topic. It’s meant to inform others about “how to”, what’s good or not so good for you, product reviews, and much more.

Creating content is easier than it sounds. This first thing you do is come up with a niche. According to a niche is “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” So…you pick a niche that interests you and you write about it…simple as that!

You don’t have to be an expert on the topic…just have a passion to share it with others. Think about it…you have just lost weight on a new eating plan and people are starting to notice. Do you simply say “thank you” and go on? No! You share with them how you did it. Believe me, it flows naturally because we as humans want to share our experiences and knowledge to help others. Another benefit that I’ve gained is that I have done some research, which only increases my knowledge for self-use, while helping others.

Writing content is also something you’ll learn correctly with the proper training.

Step 3: Gain Traffic/Rankings

Gain Traffic and RankingsYou’ve set up your website and written some really good content. Now what? The next step is getting traffic (readers) to your website. The way you do this is to write good content that people want to read and share with others. By creating engaging content and asking your audience questions they’ll leave you comments. Have you ever done this? Leave a comment on an article? Sometimes its just acknowledging they did a good job or you learned something. Sometimes it’s a question. Sometimes you may not agree with their conclusion.

So, traffic turns into ranking. Are you starting to see the snowball effect? Ranking is where your article or website falls within a search engine. Like when you go to Google (maybe that’s how you found this article) and type in a topic you’re interested in or you want to find more information. The websites/articles come up by ranking and naturally the ones on the first page get the most traffic since readers typically start with the first one.

The more quality content you produce and the more comments you receive from readers, the more chances you’ll get ranked by Google. The higher you rank with Google and other search engines, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Step 4: Earn Money – Now We’re Talking!

Why are we aiming for traffic? Is it just an ego thing? No way! It’s all about the money. Ever noticed when reading a blog or article there are ads and links? This is where the rubber meets the road. There are a few ways you can make money:

Affiliate Links. Affiliate Marketing When you add affiliate links for products or services to your content and readers click on this link, you get a commission of the sales from that company. Most companies that sell online offer this incentive through what is known as affiliate programs. Amazon is the largest program with an endless supply of products. There are also affiliate networks that contain a collection of affiliate programs. This allows you to sign up under one network instead of multiple programs.

When you sign up for a program you obtain a special link for the product you recommend. This link signals the company to give you credit (commission). Amazon even gives you commission for items purchased that you aren’t even promoting simply because the reader was directed to their website through you. Amazon holds it in a cookie for 24 hours, so even if a reader doesn’t buy anything at that time but goes back later, you still get a commission.

Pay-per-click. With pay-per-click if a reader clicks on an ad on your website, you receive a certain amount of money. It’s usually not much, but each click adds up. The most popular one in Google Adsense. These ads are targeted to the content of your website, so if your niche is about running then the ads could be running shoes, pulse monitors, etc. This way you’re more likely to get clicks because it would be products or services your readers are interested in.

Referral Programs. Referral programs are more geared towards a service, typically a monthly membership. Commission could be a one-time fee or could recur monthly, depending on the company. You’ll mostly likely earn more commission, especially if it’s monthly. This is referred to as passive income since it is automatic once the reader has signed up through the link you provide and continue to pay their monthly fee.

There are other ways to earn money, like selling your website once it has built up value, but these are the main three ways to earn income…especially in the beginning.

Training is Key – Don’t Fly Solo

Remember I said I was no techie? Well…I knew none of this information I’ve shared today before the training I’ve received. This is actually my second website. How’s that for someone with no clue other than I knew I wanted to make a change in my financial status.

I did just like you’re doing now…researching the best way to make money from home…or at least online. That’s when I discovered an affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can click here to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate, but in a nutshell, it is a platform that provides you with a free website (two actually) through WordPress and walks you through each of the steps listed above. And if that’s not enough, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where others in what’s referred to as the community help each other. It’s about growing and learning, then helping and encouraging others to grow and learn. You won’t find a better community. As a matter of fact, most people in the community refer to each other as family.

I Leave You With These Final Thoughts

I say give it a try. You won’t know until you try, right? You can sign up here for Wealthy Affiliate for free as a Starter Member and check it out. You will NOT be asked for any credit card information…I promise. There is a Premium membership if you choose, as I did, but it’s not mandatory. If you read my review then you saw the benefits. But first I encourage you to sign up and complete your profile. There is no pressure, only warm welcomes and offers of assistance.

So…whatever you decide, don’t fly solo. Get the proper training so you can do this right and save yourself time and frustration.

I hope this article has given you something to think about. Please leave me a comment or question and I’ll be happy to get back with you.

Wishing you great success!


18 thoughts on “How to Start Blogging for Money – 4 Easy Steps

  1. Karen,
    Loved your article. I’m in the same boat, just a different niche. I’m currently working through wealthy affiliates training…..hoping to make that break through for extra income as well.

    Best of luck to you,

  2. Thank you for clarification on how to make money sitting at home by just blogging. Content is easy to be rated, flows very well with the topics or headings.

    Thanks for such informative content.

  3. You’re so smart. I thought pay per click was when you paid a search engine to boost your site and when somebody clicks on the link you pay them. There must be more than one way, I guess. My blogs seem to be invisible and boring. Yours are exciting. I’ll have to stalk you now …

    1. Hey Cathy, yes there are two sides to it. The ads are paid by the company the ads are for. Your hosting those ads on your site. They pay Google and Google pays you a portion.

      Wealthy Affiliate has training on how to spoof up your website.

  4. Thanks for the great information Karen. I wish I had stumbled upon your article a long time ago! I searched long and hard as I’m sure many people do, only to find a bunch of scams. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go for sure.

    1. Hi Tracy! Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there. Wealthy Affiliate is for real though so I’m glad you’ve decided to give it a chance! Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Hi Karen

    Thanks for your very informative article. I like how you got straight to the point in letting readers know that they should build a website if they want to start blogging for money.

    I believe that letting them know that you are “not a techie,” but you are able to build a website, will want them to know more. So, they will continue reading.

    You provided very clear information in the four steps on how to start “Blogging for Money,” and you continued to tell your readers where they can learn to do what you (a non techie) are doing, and that they can start learning for free.

    Individuals who are looking for information on how to make money from home, will find your article very helpful. Nice job.

  6. Great article! Very easy to read with precise steps that make sense! Blogging or affiliate marketing requires a lot of work, but once you get going it will be worth it…at least that is what I have been told.
    Has affiliate marketing been working for you?

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for your comments. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is working for me. I am starting to see the benefits of my work. WA is not a get rich quick scheme so it does take time to build. Thank you for your interest in WA!

  7. It’s not easy to find affiliate marketing training that offers a free service, there always seems to be a catch. Are there any upsells at Wealthy Affiliate? And if you sign up to the free membership, do you ha e to purchase anything else to get your website up and running like domain names and hosting providers?

    1. Hi Mike! It is possible to get a website up and running without additional charges. That’s the beauty of WA. They will host two websites for you at WA on the free starter membership. You can purchase your own domain through WA for $13.99, but it is not required. Many people stay on the starter membership for awhile to see if this is for them. Another beauty of WA. The premium membership does offer more support, but the starter membership is very doable. The community is so supportive so everyone at WA, not just premium members. You can check out my review of WA HERE for more details. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  8. This information is very informative to those new to affiliate marketing. I to am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is extremely addicting. Essentially, it helps you create your own online business and helps you grow that business.

  9. Dear Karen,

    Thanks for laying everything out in such a clear and understandable way! I feel as if I know the potential that blogging can have, but sometimes you just need some reassurance that you’re indeed on the right track. Thanks for the validation!

    Wishing you all the best,


    1. Glad I could help explain and give you more assurance about blogging. It really is easy to learn when offered the right way. I wish you the best in your endeavors!

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